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wroldfie wroldfie at library.uwaterloo.ca
Fri Feb 9 15:01:26 EST 2007

The Library has received a survey from CARL (Canadian Association of
Research Libraries) requesting information about data archiving practices at
our institution. The thrust is what universities are doing to collect and
preserve the data that is generated through the research process. The
Library has implemented UWSpace, software that provides an Institutional
Repository capability, but at this time it is only used for electronic
theses. We assume that most if any archiving of research data is taking
place it may in the faculties.  If you have any information that could
contribute to our answer to the following questions I would appreciate it.  


3) If data generated by research at the institution is being collected and
housed, what mechanism is being used? (e.g., institutional repository, data
centre, data archive, other)?


The Library has UWSpace collecting theses and FES collects spatial data but
what is happening everywhere else.


4) Does your institution or library have a policy for archiving the data
generated by research at the institution?


   Does anyone know of a University or Faculty level policies relating to
the archiving of research data?


5) What metadata standards are used for data generated by research at the
institution? (e.g., Dublin Core, DDI, CDI)?


An extension of Dublin Core (etdms) is used for theses by the Library and
FES has a modified version FGDC Content Standard for Digital Geospatial



Any help would be greatly approciated.




William Oldfield

Networked Information Research Associate

University of Waterloo Library

519-888-4567 Ext 32461


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