[Faccus] February meeting

Jennifer Keir jkeir at cs.uwaterloo.ca
Wed Feb 7 11:43:51 EST 2007

We are trying to plan a February Faccus meeting.  I'll use bookit to
try and find a time.  About the only free slot seems to be Tuesday Feb
20 from 3-4.  

We have one possible agenda item left over from previous meetings.
 1.  Web Services Access to Centralized database (privacy and security
 to be addressed) (topic arose from April 2006 meeting) 
 Issue of web services request to share data

Part of the meeting will be a tour of computing labs in the Math

Do you have any other agenda items?


Faccus Bookit members (Feb 2007):

Mary Burden
Steve Carr
Allan Fleming
Bob Hicks
Jennifer Keir
Sandra Laughlin
Reg Leland
Stephen Markan
Vic Naglia
Bill Oldfield
Chris Roth
Bernie Rutter
Paul Synder
Lori Suess
Lisa Tomalty-Crans
Lowell Williamson

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    * alankin at scimail.uwaterloo.ca
    * apmarici at fes.uwaterloo.ca
    * broehl at ecemail.uwaterloo.ca
    * brutter at fes.uwaterloo.ca
    * chappell at ist.uwaterloo.ca
    * cmroth at math.uwaterloo.ca
    * dsmacfar at fes.uwaterloo.ca
    * dsmccrac at fes.uwaterloo.ca
    * haustin at engmail.uwaterloo.ca
    * helpdesk at quark.uwaterloo.ca
    * jan at watarts.uwaterloo.ca
    * jkeir at uwaterloo.ca
    * laughlin at ist.uwaterloo.ca
    * lcsuess at math.uwaterloo.ca
    * llwillia at healthy.uwaterloo.ca
    * ltomalty at uwaterloo.ca
    * mary at fes.uwaterloo.ca
    * mclaren at sciborg.uwaterloo.ca
    * omohamma at engmail.uwaterloo.ca
    * pttang at gmail.com
    * rleland at ist.uwaterloo.ca
    * smarkan at ist.uwaterloo.ca
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