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Pat Lafranier pllafran at admmail.uwaterloo.ca
Tue Nov 21 16:36:19 EST 2006

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As you know, Internet Explorer 7 is now released by Microsoft although not 
yet fully deployed campus-wide due to various 

WebOps would like to address the printing issue of pages based on the UW 
Common Look and Feel (CLF) template. Most of you will have to make the 
following change and it would be great to have this done by the end of the 
month as IE 7 usage is steadily increasing.

Problem: the conditional comment excludes IE 7 from picking up the print 
CSS by specifically saying 'if IE 6'. The page will still print but the 
navigation menu also prints, which is undesirable.

Solution: in your template's <head>, edit the comment and code changing

<!-- conditional comment added for IE 6 printing, IE 5.5 will not print 
this page very well -->
<!--[if IE 6]>


<!-- conditional comment added for IE 6 and later printing, IE 5.5 will not 
print this page very well -->
<!--[if gte IE 6]>

The "gte"  (greater than, equal to) now calls IE 6 and above.

Some areas are not using Dreamweaver so they will have their own tools to 
make this change. For those using the UW CLF template with Dreamweaver, the 
following steps may be useful:

1. Open your template in Dreamweaver (local site - ensure the latest files 
have been synchronized locally)
2. Change to Code View
3. Modify the template by editing the source and comment code as noted above
4. Save your template.
5. When prompted to "Update all files based on template..." click the 
Update button.
6. The change will be applied to all the files based on the template
7. "Put" or "Synchronize" as usual so the web server files are also updated.
8. Test by checking your website.

This modification requires some of your time. We are here to assist if 


Pat Lafranier and the
<http://webops.uwaterloo.ca/>WebOps Team
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