[Faccus] IST Professional Development Seminar

Bob Hicks bjhicks at uwaterloo.ca
Tue Nov 14 14:23:37 EST 2006

Title:    Two Examples of Multimedia Delivery: The vBrick and "UW at iTunes U"
Date:     Friday November 17
Time:     9:00 - 9:45 am
Speaker:  Dianne Naughton and Andrea Chappell (ITMS)
Room:     MC 2009

Multimedia delivery requests are certainly on the rise. UW professors are 
experimenting with capturing their lecture's audio and video. The Sixth 
Decade Plan says that more public lectures and events should be made 
available at a distance, using appropriate technologies. Professors are 
asking for videos of student presentations to be converted for viewing in 
UW-ACE. For all of the uses of multimedia delivery there are almost as many 
ways to deliver it. This seminar gives an overview for two technologies; 
the vBrick, a streaming capture and delivery system already in use on 
campus, and Apple's free, hosted iTunes U service where we've recently set 
up a UW test site (which may or may not be working yet by Friday!).  
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