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WebOps Announcement

Contribute 4
Want to find out what's new in Contribute 4? Join us in MC 2009 at noon 
tomorrow (Nov 14th) for an hour e-presentation by Adobe. Bring your lunch. 
No registration.

<http://ist.uwaterloo.ca/cs/stafftraining.html>Web-related courses for 
staff and faculty offered this term. Requires registration - contact HR 
x32078 if you have misplaced your red Skills in the Electronic Workplace 
(SEW) brochure.
<http://ist.uwaterloo.ca/cs/sew/courses/web/unix.html>Unix 101 for those 
that Manage Web Pages
<http://ist.uwaterloo.ca/cs/sew/courses/web/enhancing.html>Enhancing Your 
Web Site Within the UW CLF Guidelines
<http://ist.uwaterloo.ca/cs/sew/courses/web/moredw8.html>More Dreamweaver 8
<http://ist.uwaterloo.ca/cs/sew/courses/web/graphics.html>Create and Manage 
Graphics for the Web
Your User and Creating Personas
<http://ist.uwaterloo.ca/cs/sew/courses/web/meetneeds.html>Designing to 
Meet User Needs
<http://ist.uwaterloo.ca/cs/sew/courses/web/webforms.html>Overview of Web Forms
<http://ist.uwaterloo.ca/cs/sew/courses/web/easyform.html>HTML Forms Using 
<http://ist.uwaterloo.ca/cs/sew/courses/web/acrobatforms.html>Acrobat Forms

If you have any suggestions for courses or presentations, please let us know.

Pat Lafranier,
<http://webops/>WebOps Team  
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