[Faccus] Re: e-classroom problems

Andrea Chappell chappell at ist.uwaterloo.ca
Tue Oct 17 19:32:30 EDT 2006

Hello again,
First, many thanks to the efforts of Hon Tam, Tim Farrell, Jason Gorrie, 
and Steve Bourque this afternoon. We may not have a solution yet but if 
not, it was not from lack of effort. Here's some of the information from 
this afternoon.

- The Nexus stations in the e-classrooms and in the IST Nexus "Nova" lab
were sometimes (not always) coming up with an incorrect DNS server list 
after reboots. (So, reboots are NOT expected to fix the problem, as you 
likely already know.)
- Jason watched the traffic at a station in the Nova lab and the two IST 
DHCP servers (128.10 and 129.10, the latter the new one) both provide 
the correct Nexus DNS server list in response to the DHCP request. 
However, when we look at the system, it sometimes has the correct list, 
and sometimes does not.
- Steve forced the Nexus stations in the lab to go to the old DHCP 
server, 128.10 (unchanged last Wednesday). In the first tests, only the
correct list appeared, but subsequently we saw incorrect settings again.
- A lease release/renew seems to always come up with the correct list.

There was some new information from Arts at the end of the day. I won't 
try to relay it until I understand it myself :-) However, after one more 
change at the end of the day, in rebooting 5 different Nova stations a 
number times, 10 reboots in total, each time the DNS list on the station 
was correct. Unfortunately, 10 reboots do not a proof make!

Please let me know if you hear of continuing problems in the 
e-classrooms, such as "Nexus unavailable" or profile loading problems in 
the classrooms. These errors may be unrelated, as there had been some 
problems before last Wednesday that may still be causing login and 
profile loading problems. Please capture as much information as you can, 
- Room/workstation
- Error/problem/error message
- Day/time
- Professor's name


Andrea Chappell wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> As many of you likely already know, there have been problems in the 
> e-classrooms. We are trying to diagnose them, but so far we don't have a 
> solution.
> The symptoms have been:
> - Nexus is not available (or unavailable, not sure of the exact error 
> message).
> - Roaming profile won't load.
> - Instructor can't login.
> There *seem to be* a number of things happening that could be causing 
> this, including the following. I hesitate to list them because we do not 
> have very good data and some are isolated reports, but I will list them, 
> in case they are helpful, with the caveat that they may be red herring!
> - a DHCP server change last Wednesday (we know this happened!),
> - some problems on the 150 subnet, the subnet houses the Nexus Domain 
> Controllers, over the past couple weeks (Hon reported this),
> - some slowness in the Arts subnets (Erick noted this today, but it had 
> not been reported previously, as far as I know now).
> Again, data is sketchy, but a reboot has generally solved the immediate 
> problem, although it appears in some cases that the problem may appear 
> again.
> If you have any details on problems reported (room/wkstn, day/time, 
> error/error msg, professor name), that would be helpful, and please send 
> them to me.
> A group is meeting at 14:00 today to try to figure out the problem, and 
> come up with a solution, if only temporary.
> I have left a message with Charlene Schumm to ask if there is a way to 
> contact all professors, to at least alert them of the problems.
> Thanks,
> Andrea Chappell

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