[Faccus] e-classroom problems

Andrea Chappell chappell at ist.uwaterloo.ca
Tue Oct 17 13:09:21 EDT 2006

Hello everyone,
As many of you likely already know, there have been problems in the 
e-classrooms. We are trying to diagnose them, but so far we don't have a 

The symptoms have been:
- Nexus is not available (or unavailable, not sure of the exact error 
- Roaming profile won't load.
- Instructor can't login.

There *seem to be* a number of things happening that could be causing 
this, including the following. I hesitate to list them because we do not 
have very good data and some are isolated reports, but I will list them, 
in case they are helpful, with the caveat that they may be red herring!
- a DHCP server change last Wednesday (we know this happened!),
- some problems on the 150 subnet, the subnet houses the Nexus Domain 
Controllers, over the past couple weeks (Hon reported this),
- some slowness in the Arts subnets (Erick noted this today, but it had 
not been reported previously, as far as I know now).

Again, data is sketchy, but a reboot has generally solved the immediate 
problem, although it appears in some cases that the problem may appear 

If you have any details on problems reported (room/wkstn, day/time, 
error/error msg, professor name), that would be helpful, and please send 
them to me.

A group is meeting at 14:00 today to try to figure out the problem, and 
come up with a solution, if only temporary.

I have left a message with Charlene Schumm to ask if there is a way to 
contact all professors, to at least alert them of the problems.

Andrea Chappell

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