[Faccus] IST Professional Development Seminar

Bob Hicks bjhicks at uwaterloo.ca
Fri Jun 9 10:55:17 EDT 2006

Title:    Network Quality-of-Service Design and Deployment Plan
Date:     Friday June 16
Time:     8:45 - 9:45 am
Room:     MC 2009
Speaker:  Dawn Keenan

Networks are converging.  Services like the telephone system and video 
conferencing, which have traditionally been carried over separate circuit 
switched networks, can now be provided through the campus network.

Some of the newer uses of the campus network require special treatment to 
ensure reasonable behaviour of the underlying applications and a good 
experience for the end user.  This seminar will provide an overview of what 
Quality of Service is, why it is needed and IST's plans and recommendations 
for providing Quality of Service throughout the campus network.  
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