[Dd2015] Fall course selection May 23-29

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Fri May 19 10:43:21 EDT 2017

Hello 2B DD students,

**Please don't respond to this email. Please email keith.freeland at uwaterloo.ca<mailto:keith.freeland at uwaterloo.ca> and include your name and UW ID number.

Next week you should pick your 2 UW math courses for the fall.

I usually recommend taking CS 330 in 4th year, because it is an easier course and 4th year can be quite math heavy. Also note that CPA students cannot take CS 330.

We will add your 3 BU courses for you. Please don't select more than 2 UW math courses unless your average is above 80 in which case you could select 3. If you select too many courses then we will not be able to add your BU courses and Quest will likely place you into math sections which conflict with your BU courses. This usually means you will be spending a lot of time at the end of July trying to fix your schedule.

You should review your Quest schedule on approximately July 20th. Make sure you are enrolled into the correct BU sections. Make sure you are enrolled in 5 courses. Be prepared with several alternative  math courses in case your first choice results in a time conflicts. You will get access to change your fall course on approximate July 25th. Please note that you may not change your business sections on Loris and that your business courses on Quest must match Loris. You must work the schedule of your math courses around your business schedule.


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