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Please follow this link for marketing content.<https://docs.google.com/a/entsoc.ca/document/d/1jq0WGFrEhBiuvodhi81K5P-8kD0bIIexfWmJnUngo8w/edit?usp=sharing>

Startup Showcase
Friday, March 10th, 11AM to 3PM in the SLC Great Hall
Facebook Event<https://www.facebook.com/events/1853293681625909/>

  *   Over 20 local startups will be showcasing products/services
  *   Some startups will be recruiting!
  *   Great opportunity to network with founders first hand
  *   Free pizza all day
  *   Fully immersive VR demo from Ctrl V
  *   Giveaways:
     *   2 shirts, 2 sweaters from tentree
     *   2 hour session at Ctrl V

Pitch Night Workshop
Saturday, March 11th, 4PM to 6PM in MC Comfy
Facebook Event<https://www.facebook.com/events/1390146714370321/>

  *   Pitching workshop which will go over pitch deck creation and pitch coaching
  *   Students will learn what to include in a pitch deck
  *   Students will take part in a free pitch-coaching workshop from Christina, CEO of Eloquent Speaking
  *   This event is part 1 of 2-- as follows

Pitch Night
Tuesday, March 14th, 7PM to 9PM in MC Comfy
Facebook Event<https://www.facebook.com/events/1371307502934179/>

This event is part 2 of the pitching workshop; it is an opportunity for students to practice their pitching skills in a constructive setting. We are partnering with the Conrad Centre on this event:

  *   Mini-pitch competition judged by Conrad Professors and MBET students
  *   All students are welcome-- we've had students use this event to pitch for the first time, and we've also had students use it as a practice round for the Velocity Fund Finals
  *   Prize for winning team is 1:1 mentorship with a Conrad faculty member

Thank you,

EntSoc Executive Team
entsoc.ca<http://entsoc.ca/> | @UWEntSoc<http://www.twitter.com/UWEntSoc> | facebook.com/UWEntSoc<http://facebook.com/UWEntSoc>

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