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What is MSFTHacks?

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Want to learn more about Bots, Machine Learning or even develop for the HoloLens?  MSFTHacks is a hackathon hosted by Microsoft for University and College students from across Canada. For 24 hours, hackers of various skill levels will use Azure services in their project.

Following the success of MSFTHacks in 2016, we’re bringing it back for another year! This time we’re bringing all students together across the nation from Eastern to Western Canada. MSFTHacks will be happening on March 25th-26th, 2017 simultaneously at University of Waterloo<https://www.facebook.com/university.waterloo/> and University of British Columbia<https://www.facebook.com/universityofbc/>.

If you’re a first time hacker, or have the hunger to learn, this hackathon is for you.  Learn from Microsoft mentors, demo the HoloLens, and much more.  1st place prize for MSFTHacks 2017 will be Surface Books<https://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msca/en_CA/pdp/productID.5074451900> for all your team members!

As space is limited to attend in-person, please apply through the respective registration page below, and you will receive confirmation of your acceptance early March.

Registration Links
University of British Columbia: aka.ms/MSFTHacksUBC<http://aka.ms/MSFTHacksUBC>
University of Waterloo: aka.ms/MSFTHacksUW<https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Faka.ms%2FMSFTHacksUW&h=ATOBmCD6s8S9VE8zDFF-Z_QRs1g2NZj8t35Q3Xg3T2uZ8jzEId8qPPXXnsQTtyXciZL3xhyq9rBLmdKE1F2T6tVguxAhAQiyOaVHuqtt5Iogd4glgDVFJaF50_ubBQks3ApCihw7mLEsuN3wz2yY&enc=AZPlm-Y1ZnUUb-o3QMfdn3nibMfH9cvAHpHGkPbYeushw09w0eihxvP4eRjQ71BPnG8&s=1>

Cost: Free of charge!

NOTE: This does not include travel to and from the event.

In order to participate in the hackathon, you will need to BRING YOUR LAPTOP and valid STUDENT ID CARD.

For more information, please visit the MSFTHacks Facebook page.<https://www.facebook.com/events/348855932174329/>

Thank you!

MSFTHacks Organizing Team


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