[Dd2015] Global Financial Markets Simulation now available

Peter Wood pwood at uwaterloo.ca
Thu Oct 27 16:39:11 EDT 2016

The Math and Business group has just opened up a new Global Markets Simulation.  In this simulation, students are allocated $1 million to invest in stocks, bonds, futures, and other assets trading on dozens of exchanges in multiple countries.

Any student with an interest in finance is strongly encouraged to participate.

To participate in the challenge, follow the link below. You will need to create an account. Please use your Quest userid as your simulation userid. (You can choose any password you wish).  Registration will be open until the end of the year. The simulation will last for several years, so you can play until you graduate.  This is especially valuable to junior students, as you can accumulate several years of investment experience by the time you graduate.

Instructions on how to trade can be found on the website.  We will likely schedule some informal seminars and discussion groups for interested students as time progress. Students who register for the game will receive notices of such events as they occur.

Details of the game rules and parameters can be found on the website under "My Portfolio -> Account Balances" and "About - > Rules".

Good luck!

Peter Wood



Challenge Name : MathBus Open 2016

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