[Dd2015] Fall course selection May 20-30

Keith Freeland rkfreeland at uwaterloo.ca
Thu May 19 14:06:21 EDT 2016

Hello double degree students:

During course selection you should pick only 2 courses: STAT 230 plus one of: Math 235, Math 237, CO 250 or ACTSC 231. Your other three courses BU127, BU283 and BU288 will be assigned by Laurier and we enroll you into these courses on Quest. Please don't select the BU courses at this time.

Starting July 25, you may attempt to modify your fall schedule. You will need to also check that the information on Quest and Loris match. You should consider your business courses as fixed and try to optimize your UW courses around your business courses. You might be allowed to change the section of BU127, but this need to be first done on Loris and then if successful you can make the change on Quest. Most DD students will take either Math 235 or Math 237 in the fall (usually whichever one fits better into your schedule). It is also possible to take CO 250 or ACTSC 231 instead. Note that STAT 230, STAT 231 and CO 250 must be completed before August 31, 2017. If you are worried about passing CO 250, then you might want to take it this fall, so that if needed you would have time to repeat it (you only need a 50).

I expect that most of you will switch to the new 2016/17 calendar. This gives you the choice between Math 237 and Math 239 (the 2015/16 calendar requires both). I expect most of you will pick Math 237. The total minimum number of math courses remains 23 (you will have 7 math electives instead of 6). Note that most math majors require a minimum of 26 math course. Most DD students do not complete a math major. If you struggle to  get above 70 in your math courses, then you are better off without a math major.


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