[Dd2015] Double Degree Club Mentorship Program - Don't Miss Out!!

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Mon Aug 31 09:08:00 EDT 2015

Hello all future Double Degree students,

Feeling a little nervous (how about very!) about the start of your
University career? Well, your fellow Double Degree students are here
to help. The Double Degree Club (DDC) has started a mentorship program
available to all incoming first-year DD students. Mentorship is a
great opportunity to connect with upper-year DD students and learn
more about their first-year and overall experiences in the program.

How it works: You will be placed into a group of first year DD
students with 3-4 upper year mentors per group. Your mentors are there
to help. Any and all appropriate questions and concerns in relation to
the DD program are open to discussion with your mentors and
co-mentees. On top of this, there will be academic and social events
throughout the year for both mentors and mentees to participate in.
The first meeting with your mentors and co-mentees will be on
September 13th, during the Double Degree orientation.

It is highly encouraged that you apply to the mentorship program.
Applications are currently open on the ddc website (http://www.ddclub.uwaterloo.ca/resources/mentorship/mentee_application.php).
Please try and apply before September 5th, however applications will remain open for the entire upcoming term.

Thanks and hope to see you soon,

Parth Bibra
Double Degree Club VP of UW | Double Degree Club
vpuw at ddclub.ca<mailto:vpuw at ddclub.ca>

Website:  http://www.ddclub.uwaterloo.ca/
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/DoubleDegreeClub

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