[Compstats] March 10 @ *2:30pm* (DC2306C): Mu Zhu

Pascal Poupart ppoupart at cs.uwaterloo.ca
Wed Mar 10 14:27:46 EST 2010

Pascal Poupart wrote:
> Correction: the talk is at *2:30pm* (instead of 4pm).
> Pascal Poupart wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Our next compstats seminar will be given by Mu Zhu on Wednesday next 
>> week.  Title and abstract are included below.
>> Pascal
>> Title: Deep kernel machines and stochastic stepwise ensembles
>> Speaker: Mu Zhu
>> Date: March 10
>> Time: 2:30pm
>> Location: AI seminar room (DC2306C)
>> Abstract:
>> Kernel methods, such as the support vector machine, and ensemble
>> methods, such as the AdaBoost algorithm, have defined two major
>> domains of recent research in statistical machine learning. In this
>> talk, I will describe two research projects, one in each domain. In
>> one project, we try to classify network data using something that we
>> call deep kernel machines (joint work in progress with Xiao Tang). In
>> the other, we try to perform variable selection using a so-called
>> stochastic stepwise ensemble (joint work in progress with Lu Xin).

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