[Clvsouth] CLV-South Orientation Presentation

Clv Program clvprog at uwaterloo.ca
Tue Sep 19 11:26:42 EDT 2017

Hi CLV-South Graduates!

For all those who couldn't make last week's Orientation and for those who requested to have the presentation file, we have decided to share a PDF version. This way you will have all the information presented last Wednesday at your fingertips!

Hope you are settling into your new homes!

All the best,

Jacob Alvarez
CLV Graduate Community Programmer
Housing and Residences
University of Waterloo
519-888-4567, ext. 38794
uwaterloo.ca/housing<http://uwaterloo.ca/housing>  |  @UWHousing<https://twitter.com/UWHousing>
[cid:image003.png at 01D3313A.2A436380]
This is how<https://uwaterloo.ca/housing/mental-health-wellness-guide> we support wellness at Waterloo Residences.
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