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For residence life related questions, please email Pam De Leo, Residence Life Coordinator at pdeleo at uwaterloo.ca<mailto:pdeleo at uwaterloo.ca>.

For programming, email Danielle Noonan at clvprog at uwaterloo.ca<mailto:clvprog at uwaterloo.ca>.

For CLV-South maintenance requests, please email clvsouth at uwaterloo.ca<mailto:clvsouth at uwaterloo.ca>.

The list-serve is not monitored; please email the above addresses only.

Hello CLV Single Grads,

October events are live! Check the newsletter and calendar (both attached to this email) for information about upcoming events. To sign up for the events this month, please visit Eventbrite<http://www.eventbrite.com/o/columbia-lake-village-north-2842430704>.

Please read the following important information:

Mailbox Parcel Procedure
If you receive a key when you retrieve your mail, this means you have a parcel in one of the parcel compartments. The parcel compartments are the large compartments at the bottom of some mailboxes. Please read the tag attached to the key to identify which parcel compartment your parcel has been put in. Once you have retrieved your parcel, please lock the parcel compartment and put the key in the mail slot. This mail slot opening (labeled Mail or Courier) is located at the top of the mailbox. Mailing back the parcel compartment key is very important so that Canada Post can use it for others.
NOTE: Larger parcels will be delivered to the front desk.

Fire Safety Poster
Please review the following poster to know the process of what to do if a fire occurs in your unit. It is preferred that you print this document off and post it within your Townhouse. A friendly reminder for those who would prefer a visual, there will be a fire demonstration put on by the Waterloo Fire Rescue Firefighters on October 4th in the parking lot adjacent to the Community Centre.

Lockout Procedure
If you happen to lock yourself out of the unit between the hours of 8 am and 11 pm, when the CLV front desk is open, you can go to
If you get locked out:
*         Between 8 am and 11 pm go to the CLV Front Desk, they will sign out a loaner key for 20 minutes for you to get back into your unit/bedroom. Once you have gotten back into your unit/bedroom you will retrieve your keys and bring back the loner key to the CLV front desk.
*         Between 12 midnight and 8 am on weekdays, or 24 hours on weekends and holidays, you can call the Community Assistant Duty phone and a Community Assistant will be happy to assist you!

Community Assistant (CA) after hour calls:
For any other emergencies please contact a CA from 6 pm and 8 am on weekdays, and 24 hours on weekends and holidays through the duty phone at 519-500-3037.

Have a great week!


Danielle Noonan
CLV Graduate Community Programmer
Housing and Residences
University of Waterloo
519-888-4567, ext. 38794

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