[BSA] First General Meeting and Elections, Fall 2010

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Sun Oct 10 20:25:00 EDT 2010

Friends & Foes, Brothers & Sisters!

I hope everyone is doing awesome and are coping well with their school/co-op
terms (and full time jobs too of course).

We will be having the first BSA Meeting of the Fall term on Tuesday, 12th
October 2010, from 7:30pm to 8:30pm at Room 2134 at the SLC.

Being the first BSA meeting of this term, we would concentrate on:
* forming an Exec Committee for the rest of this term
* brainstorming and planning for some events that can be held during the
* getting to know everyone within the BSA Community better

I apologize for such a late start to the term but I hope we can all put our
hands forward and have a great term for the BSA as a team!

Salam/ Namashkar and JOY BANGLA!


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University of Waterloo, ON
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