[BSA] Winter 2010 ELECTION

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Mon Jan 18 19:46:56 EST 2010

*Time and Location*

*Date: Wednesday, January 20th, 2010*

*Time: 7:00 – 8:00 pm*

*Location: SLC 3103 *

*Hello everyone,*


*We will be holding our Winter 2010 election on Wednesday, January 20th,
2010 at 7:00pm at SLC 3103. Few execs from last term are gone for co-op or
busy with school this term so a couple of exec positions are open including
President, Vice-president and event co-ordinator.*

*It will be greatly appreciated if you can spare just 1 hour and come out
for the BSA election. The election won't take very long. Please arrive on
time. Sooner everyone gets there; the faster we can get started.*






   - Coordinate meetings and events, and work with the University
   - Inform members about plans, events, and activities
   - Stay in constant touch with BSA execs from other Universities
   - Held accountable and liable for critical situations


   - Will work together with the president
   - Establish relations and communication between other student groups on
   - Second in charge - will takeover from the President in case of death or


   - Responsible for promoting events on Waterloo & Laurier campuses.
   - In-charge of tickets sales.


*See you all there .*

Bengali Students Association
University of Waterloo, ON
Email: bsa.uwaterloo at gmail.com
Web: http://bsa.clubs.feds.ca
Fbook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=21697165034
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