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Hello everyone,

*This is a very important message so please read.*

Lovely aunty is collecting money for Fitra from everyone with the intention
of sending it to Bangladesh to assist in the cost of chemotherapy for a
cancer patient.

As you know, every muslim is required to pay Fitra (Fitr in Arabic) before
the Eid prayers. This year, Waterloo Masjid has fixed Fitr amount at $6 per
person. Generally our parents provide this amount - so you can ask for
confirmation (if you don't want to pay fitr twice). If you friends have
their families in the region and are looking for a place to provide the Fitr
money, then please let us know. Waterloo Masjid also collects Fitr, but
since the money has to be provided to a needy person, they are unable to use
it for meaningful projects until one comes up.

So, If you would like to pay your fitr for this cause then please contact
Nayef Khan ASAP.

*Contact info for Nayef Khan*

Phone: 519-721-1229
email: chinton at gmail.com.

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