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*Time and Location*

*Date: Thursday, October 15th, 2009*

*Time: 7:00 – 8:00 pm*

*Location: SLC 2105 B (Take the stairs beside Bombers Pub)*

*Hello everyone,*

* We are having our Fall 2009 election on Thursday, October 15th, 2009 at
7:00pm at SLC 2105B.*

*We know this is a busy Midterm Week and full of assignments but it will be
greatly appreciated if you can spare just 1 hour and come out for the BSA
election. The election won't take very long. Please arrive on time. Sooner
everyone gets there; the faster we can get started.*

* *

*It’s a lot of fun being an exec of a club and you learn a lot of valuable
leadership skills. It also looks GREAT on your resume. So, come to the
election and run for an exec of your choice or just come to vote for your
favorite candidate.


*If anyone would like to run for the exec position, please look over the
descriptions.  Anyone can run for an exec position. You don't have to be a
past exec or past BSA member. We are looking for people who are enthusiastic
and will be committed to BSA.


   - Coordinate meetings and events, and work with the University
   - Inform members about plans, events, and activities
   - Stay in constant touch with BSA execs from other Universities
   - Held accountable and liable for critical situations

Note: You MUST have been a past-executive or assistant to the executive to
potentially qualify for this position. You must also be experienced with the
system and know things works on campus.


   - Will work together with the president
   - Establish relations and communication between other student groups on
   - Second in charge - will takeover from the President in case of death or


   - Responsible for money and money-related paperwork
   - Create and maintain accounting records of finances open for auditing
   - Head of Fundraiser programmes


   - Responsible for booking rooms and equipment for all meetings and events
   - Keep meeting minutes and record all activities during the term
   - Publish meeting minutes as part of the BSA Newsletter – this document's
   distributed worldwide


   - Reach out to Frosh students and represent the voice of the First Year
   student body
   - Introduce social activism and humanitarian values in the South Asian
   - Groomed for future leadership positions in BSA and other external


   - Responsible for promoting events on Waterloo & Laurier campuses.
   - In-charge of tickets sales.


   - Responsible for maintaining (1) BSA mail, (2) Facebook group (3) Google
   - Handle Audio-Video assignments (promotional videos, slideshows, etc.)
   - Work with others on campus with similar roles

*2008-2009 COORDINATOR*

   - Work closely with all the execs and learn how everything works
   - Cannot be on a Co-op work term in Fall 2009
   - Responsible for passing all the information to next year's execs
   - Most likely candidate for following year's President

*See you all there !!*
Bengali Students Association
University of Waterloo, ON
Email: bsa.uwaterloo at gmail.com
Web: http://bsa.clubs.feds.ca
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