[BSA] The Best Day of June -- Bangladesh vs. India and Welcome dinner

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Tue Jun 2 12:43:48 EDT 2009

Hello all!

BSA Waterloo is delighted to inform you all that there would be LIVE
coverage of the Twenty-20 World Cup game on the big screen between* India
and Bangladesh* on *Saturday, June 6th at the SLC Multi-purpose room.*
Snacks and drinks will be provided . We will also be giving away "Amra
Bangladesh" wristband to 6 people that cheers the most and represent
Bangdesh ( by wearing green and red).  Show up anytime between 12:30 pm and
5:00 pm to support your country.
**Time: 12:30 pm.  Price: Only $2 ( at the door)*

We all remember the time when we last faced India on a World Cup game and we
really hope Tamim and company can emulate that performance once again.

The night does not end there. Right after the end of the game there would be
a FREE dinner at the same vanue to welcome all the BSA members to the spring
term. The dinner will be provided by Lovely Aunty and her lovely crew. Come
down to SLC to enjoy all the awesome Bangladeshi food and mingle with rest
of us.

*Time: 6:30 pm**.  Price: FREEEE*

I hope everyone shows up to cheer Bangladesh to victory and goes home with a
stacked tummy and a lot of new awesome friends.

We at BSA will be waiting for you all!

*What *---- Live Bangladesh vs. India match + snacks+ free giveaway +
mouth-watering Dinner
*When*---- Saturday June 6th
*Time *----- Bangladesh vs India match - 12:30 pm .
              Dinner: 6:30 pm
*Where*----SLC Multi-purpose room.

*The game and the dinner is on the SAME DAY*

On behalf of the crew
Issa Nibras Farooque
VP Comm, BSA Waterloo

*Event Pages*

WC Game:

BSA Welcome Dinner:

On behalf of the crew
Issa Nibras Farooque
VP Comm, BSA Waterloo
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