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Dear BSA Member,

February 21 is a day of reflection and cultural celebration worldwide. In
1999, the UN and UNESCO proclaimed this day as International Mother Language

In Bengali circles, it is one of the most important days in our collective
history as it was on this day in 1952 that 7 university students were gunned
down by the military regime in front of Dhaka University because they stood
up for human rights and for the freedom of cultural association.
Ekushey February, as it is known in Bangla, is a very important day in
Bengali culture.

This date is now aimed at celebrating the world's nearly 7,000 languages and
the cultures they represent. However, nearly half of the world's languages
have less than 10,000 speakers and face the risk of extinction.

The Bengali Students Association of the University of Waterloo encourages
everyone to celebrate the linguistic and cultural diversity that we have on
campus. We must do our best to encourage multilingual education, and to
promote the benefits of cultural and social diversity.

Joi Bangla!


Tahbit Chowdhury
BSA President

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