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Thu Feb 1 15:33:17 EST 2007

Hi everyone,

Here ¡s what took place in yesterdays (31st January 2007) meeting.

Kevin Royal, running for the President in the FEDS election, kick started
our meeting with a speech on what he and his team plan to do if elected. We,
the BSA execs also took this opportunity to discuss about some of the issues
being faced by the first years and also talked about what the FEDS can do to
help the BSA's growth.

The Grad Dinner event was finalized, and here are a
few details sketched out. The dinner is going to be at the ES courtyard,
held on the 3rd of February, that¡¦s this Thursday. There will be FREE
Bengali food, and we have also booked a separate room for us undergrads for
various other activities. The Mayor of Waterloo is also going to be there!
If you are interested please make sure you get there before 7:00 PM. I will
send a more detailed e-mail with proper directions tomorrow.

We have also booked rooms for the World Cup cricket matches being held. We
will be selling tickets before the event, and have decided to provide
snacks. Again, details will be discussed later.

The cultural caravan is going to be held on the 29th of March and we are
planning to have a song and dance performance. So far, we have decided that
Nayef bhai and a few other guys are going to play a Bengali song to which
some of the guys and girls will be dancing to. We would really appreciate it
if anyone out there can lend their singing/ dancing talents to the

The website has been discussed, and we have almost completed pooling all the
information and content that ¡s going to be up.

Finally, Rafee Ameen has re-designed our BSA logo and the logo
been approved by the execs and the members.We hope to put it up ASAP.

There will be no meetings for the next 2 weeks due to the ongoing mid-terms.

I will send the Grad Dinner details tomorrow; hope to see you guys

Good luck for your midterms.

Thank you,
Saif Ahmed
Vice President

Bangladesh Students Association
University of Waterloo, ON
Email: bsa.uwaterloo at gmail.com
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