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Md. Kamruzzaman p.kamruzzaman at gmail.com
Sat Sep 30 21:35:17 EDT 2006

Dear Sir/Madam,

I hope you are well and doing fine.

Perhaps, you might be able to remember my previous email (on June 2006)
regarding an online survey on civil society participation in the development
of Bangladesh's Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (on behalf of the general
people whose voices are least heard or bypassed in our policy making
process). I would like to inform you that the deadline for participating in
this survey is 30 October 2006.

If you have not participated yet in this survey and would like to do so,
please visit:


If you have already taken part in this survey may I take this opportunity to
request you to forward this message or to pass on the survey link which has
of great importance from our national perspective to your Bangladeshi
contacts i.e. friends, colleagues, relatives, professional groups etc.

Can I also take this opportunity to inform you that announcement about the
complimentary prizes will also be available on the same webpage by the end
of this year (I apologies to them who are not bothered about prizes but I am
receiving few emails recently regarding the prizes I have promised).

Should you have any comments, suggestion and feedback please do not hesitate
to contact me. Your participation in this survey and help with its publicity
will increase the chances for the research to be successful.

Yours sincerely,


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