[BSA] First General Meeting - Fall 2006 - Friday 25th Sept, SLC 3103

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Thu Sep 28 21:47:49 EDT 2006

For all those frosh who has signed up for BSA and all the veterans of BSA
elders, I pass a message that the FIRST GENERAL MEETING of BSA would be held
tomorrow (Friday 25 Sept 2006) at SLC 3103.

There can be only three reasons you would miss the meeting:
       -Still naive and don't know where SLC is :(
      - Don't want to be part of BSA for the term, which would suck bad
cause YOU would be missing an array of great events( next month - FREE Eid
dinner organised by Grad
        Students - Bangladeshi food - yummy : ) that will be held soon.
     -  Away from Waterloo for the weekend, in which case you need to mail
us to learn what's happening around.

Now what do we do in such a meeting you may ask... well it's evidently
simple - ELECTIONS! Specially for those Froshes who want to show their ardor
at establishing BSA as an epitome of social community, this is your ONLY
chance to become a frosh/exec BSA member.

What else could be there - DISCUSSIONS! sounds boring? guess again... these
are not your plain old classroom discussions. These are actually hot
arguments that decides what we do in the next four months. Of course by the
time you reach the meeting, an agenda would be ready and don't expect to be
just stormed in with chaotic ideas
flying around. It's more organized than you think, but fully enthusiastic to
a degree only attainable by Bangladeshi spirit. You must be wondering what
the agenda could be, or what events we are going to organize? Here, I'm
letting out a secret: "you never know
about these things unless you come to the meeting".

So come to the meeting or I'll eat your soul raw with teriyaki ketchup...
Wishing you best of luck for whatever you go through the term....

Mukto Akash
bsa at watserv1.uwaterloo.ca
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