[BSA] Recap and Reminders

Rhyan Ahmed rhyans at gmail.com
Sat Oct 28 19:51:51 EDT 2006

Hey everyone! =D

Thanks for a great afternoon (for those who showed up!).
Maharaja was a great restaurant and I think we definitely needed the stress

To everyone that came for our little "after-party" at our place (even
through the freezing rain!) It was a great evening guys!

I won't make this message too long as Sajjad already sent out a reminder
e-mail yesterday highlighting upcoming events and the date of the next
meeting; however, just wanted to remind everyone that Renison's Halloween
Party is October 30th! (THIS MONDAY).

It'll be starting around 8 or so and Tareq Ismail and youuurs truly will be
your DJs for the evening.
For anyone who isn't sure where Renison College is, it is beside St. Paul's
and St. Jerome's. You can pretty much see it from Health Services. If you
still aren't sure, GRAB A CAMPUS MAP! :P

See you at the next meeting.

Rhyan Ahmed
VP Social
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