[BSA] UPCOMING MEETING:Wendesday 25th October 2006

Rhyan Ahmed rhyans at gmail.com
Thu Oct 19 01:47:19 EDT 2006

Hey everyone

Thanks to everyone who showed up for today's meeting! We got some great
planning done!
To anyone who did not attend, or didn't hear about it, don't worry. It is a
busy time for everyone especially with midterms going on (or at least around
the corner). However I am glad to inform you that we were able to squeeze in
another event plan after the rush of midterms (approx. 1 week or so from
now). Preliminary plans for an off-campus lunch buffet at a local Indian
cuisine restaurant were discussed.

We will be sending out Facebook invitations and further details (price,
location, date, time) on this mailing list soon! And on that note, the group
has been updated with 50 new pictures from the BSA dinner =D Anyone who has
any additional pictures, feel free to send them in!


When: Wednesday 25th October 2006, 5:30 P.M.
Where: Room 2105B, Student Life Centre

Thank you,
Rhyan Ahmed
V.P. Social
Bangladeshi Students' Association
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