[BSA] General Meeting for October 5, 2006

Tareq Ismail tareqismail at gmail.com
Thu Oct 5 22:34:59 EDT 2006

Hey guys,

Here are just some notes from our last meeting...

MEETING NOTES - 10/05/2006

   - Constitution
      - Has been discussed and revised by Execs, will be submitted to
      Feds by next Tuesday. Will be posted on website later on.
   - Playing Cricket!
      - If anyone wants to play cricket on the weekend, or even
      tomorrow, there are going to be some pick-up games organized. Mushfik (
      mushfik at gmail.com) sent out an email about it, but feel free to
      contact him or Manzar( manzark at gmail.com) for more information.
      - Watching Cricket!
      - Bangladesh plays a cricket match this Friday! Rio and Manzar
      have volunteered their lovely home to have the game shown! All
are welcome
      but contact Manzar( manzark at gmail.com) beforehand for more
      details. I beleive the game is on Friday at 4:30AM, wait then
that might be
      Saturday... Let's say its at Saturday at 4:30AM!
      - Logo
      - The logo has been redesigned but due to the limitations of
      Waterloo Wireless Internet, it wasn't shown at the meeting. Both
logos (old
      and new) will be shown at the next meeting and we will have a
vote on which
      one to use!
   - BSA Shirts!
   - We will be ordering BSA shirts for everyone soon, they will be
      around $15 dollars for short sleeve and $20 for long sleeve with any size
      you wish. We will design the logo for the shirt and present it
at the next
      meeting. So far we have decided to have it on a red shirt or black shirt
      with white writing saying "PROUD TO BE BANGLADESHI".
Suggestions are still
      open, but try to get them in as soon as possible!
      - BSA Dinner
      - The dinner has been redesigned!
      - The BSA Dinner is now on Saturday October 14th from 7:30PM to
      12:00AM at the SLC Multi-Purpose Room.
      - Please have a light Iftar and join us for some amazing
      bangladeshi food! There will be Chicken Roast, Kachi Biryani, Kababs, and
      Salad! Along with a surpise dessert! The food is being made by a
      professional 5-star Bangladeshi Chef (we're serious, we promise
you we won't
      be cooking, we really are getting it from a real chef!), so you
know it'll
      be delicious!
      - We will not be selling tickets as it will be a member party,
      however you guys may invite anyone you like to come along.
      - Admission will be $12 dollars and there will be different fun
      events to be had! We need to fill in 40 spots guys, so try and get anyone
      you know!
      - We will be collecting the money, as we need it in advance to
      buy the food, at the next meeting on Tuesday. So please try to
show up with
      the fee, and if you know anyone who can't come to the meeting but still
      wants to go to the dinner try to get the money from them and we'll write
      their name on the guest list!
      - You  will need to bring your WatCard to the dinner as we must
      verify your place on the guest list. If you wish to be added to the guest
      list upon arrival, we will be accepting payments at the door; however, we
      cannot guarantee this so PLEASE make every effort to pay in advance. (We
      need the money to purchase the food =] )
      - Once admitted to the event, everyone will receive a stamp so
      you may leave and enter the multi-purpose room with ease.
      - Awareness Week
      - Will set up a booth for a Bangladeshi Awarness Week.
      - Will most likely conisist of two days advertising our club and
      - Think of ideas now! So we can get working on it as soon as
      possible! Probably first week or so of Novemember, before the
Bomber Party.
   - Bomber Party
      - We are planning to rent out the Bomber for one HUGE BSA event
      (Open to all of UW)!
      - Tenatively set for Tuesday, November 14th.
      - Bengali music, Indian music, and mainstream music were all
      suggested to be played, however we will have a meeting for what
exactly we
      - The Bomber will take care of most of the organization so our
      job is all in the PROMOTION!!
      - We need to think up of advertising plans and will need
      volenteers to sell tickets later on.

WHEN? 4:30PM to 5:30pm Tuesday, October 10th 2006
WHERE? SLC 2105B, same room as last time!
WHY? VERY IMPORTANT meeting to sort out final details for BSA Dinner and to
compile the guest list!

Anyone who hasn't been able to show up for meetings please try your best to
attend the next one, or at least let us know in advance! Okay guys hope to
see you next week, have a good long weekend!

Tareq Ismail
Bangladeshi Students Association
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