[BSA] Mela Reflection

Rhyan Ahmed rhyans at gmail.com
Sat Nov 18 02:48:08 EST 2006

Hey everyone!!

I just want to write very "briefly" on how amazing our event turned out! It
was very surreal to see the work of so many devoted individuals finally
culminate itself. We had a great response from Bengalis and non-bengalis
alike! People loved it, and its all thanks to each and everyone of you who

On that note, I want to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who helped out in
any way! I know there are certain members who went above and beyond anything
the BSA could have asked for and I just want to quickly give them the credit
they deserve:

(in no particular order)

Muhu: Thanks for showing up to every single meeting, extra poster-making
meetings, calling to keep up to date on things and having such a positive
spirit. I am completely honest and very literal when I say the BSA could not
have accomplished as much as we have without your help.

Shiffat: Again, you attended every meeting and helped TREMENDOUSLY with the
posters. After this term, I'll definitely remember your bright smile and

Zaki: I know how hard it was to go all the way to Toronto to get the Karem
board and the Harmonium, they REALLY showcased Bengali culture in ways our
others booths could not. Beyond that; stood out in the rain on the day of a
quiz just to get the equipment to us!! Thank you very very much.

Tahbit: Thanks for offering to help setup the history and culture booth
(posters and all). I also remember your help with the first poster BSA made
and for that I'm grateful. Thanks! =D

Antora: I know we met only briefly at the event but I really appreciate you
helping out at the booths, thanks for taking the time to look us up on
Facebook and get involved!

Manzar: Goes without say!! But I'll do it anyway; first thing that comes to
mind is that you've fed the BSA on so many occasions! Think about it! The
first dinner? Telling us about Maharaja? Bringing the snacks at the mela?
You're a great Pres and I hope the BSA has finally become everything you've
always wanted it to be.

Mushfik: I feel like I don't know you very well even after working with you
so much, but I know we were a great team!

Rio: Driving and 8:30am AV Equipment adventure. Enough said ;)

Tareq and Sajjad: I don't even have to say it…….We garbage day'd that shit!

I apologize to anyone whom I did not mention, please forgive as it is very
If any of this sounds like good-bye, it somewhat is because I do not believe
we will have another event until next term as exams are coming up and all of
us are very tired from all the work we have put into this.

If anyone wants to organize a dinner or after-party on their own and wants
to advertise it on the Facebook group or send something on the mailing list,
just let us know. I'll be happy to do what I can. =)

Thank you everyone.

VP Social

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