[BSA] Fall 2006 Mela Success!

Tahbit Chowdhury chowdhury.tahbit at gmail.com
Fri Nov 17 01:30:22 EST 2006

Hey there,

Today we had what will be the first of many Bangladesh exhibition days on
Thanks to all who showed up to lend a hand, and thanks to all the execs who
tirelessly to get this event together.

This is the most active BSA Waterloo has ever had, so give yourselves a pat
on the back!

Anyway, today's event was held in the SLC at the lower level. Bengali music
was blasting,
and sweets and samosas were being sold. The most popular aspect was the
henna tattoos,
popular with guys and girls.

For more information on our next events, stay tuned for more emails!


Tahbit Chowdhury
Waterloo BSA
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