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Subject: Stop the Violence in Bangladesh! Petition
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Hi everyone~

Was just wondering if you could kindly forward the below email and Petition
link to all of your BSA members.  After the petition is complete it will be
sent to some of the media in Bangladesh (The Daily Star). Hope that all of
you will also take the time to sign the petition and encourage your BSA
members to do so as well.

Thanks in advance!



Hello everyone, my name is Nabiha and I'm a member of the Bangladesh
Student's association at U of T Mississauga. This email is regarding a
petition to the political parties of Bangladesh, pleading to stop the
violence going on throughout the country. Many of you might not know what
I'm talking about, so I'll briefly let you know the current situation going
on in Bangladesh.

Under the Bangladeshi constitution, the prime minister is forced to step
down three months before new elections and hand over power to a nonpartisan
interim government . So far, eighteen people were killed, and hundreds of
people injured in the country. This is because of the protests against the
interim government for not meeting the opposition parties' demands. Election
will be taking place in January, however many feel this will not be a free
and fair election due to the appointment of the chief election commissioner
and the interim government. The entire country was crippled from Sunday, as
the opposition parties announced blockades where more than hundreds injured
in clashes amongst party members and the police. The opposition party will
call for another blockade starting from *Sunday November 19th.* This will
further put the country to a stand still, where schools, markets and public
transportation will be shut down.

I would like to create a petition, to show we are against such violence and
mayhem. We are students studying abroad, but we do care about the country
where we're coming from. The less fortunate are getting killed, their meals
snatched due to the paralyzing of the country. This is a petition to plead
for the sake of humanity, and to ask the main parties involved to stop the
violence. I'm asking you all to sign your name, and write the name of the
University you're coming from. Even if we are living abroad, and not at all
affected by the protests and blockade, we still care. We are requesting to
the end of this violence, and for a peaceful and safe Election in January.
Give some thought to this, and please sign the petition. Thank you!


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