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Rhyan Ahmed rhyans at gmail.com
Tue Nov 14 13:44:45 EST 2006

Hey everyone

I want to start off with a HUGE thank you to everyone to who showed up the
meetings on Friday and Saturday to help out with the poster making.
We have put the posters up in the SLC in the cafeteria area.

Most of our plans are finalized for Thursday's fair and I want to go over
the booths and the volunteers that are signed up to take care of them:

Food and Lassi
Mostly BSA Exec. Manzar, Myself, Tareq, Sajjad and anyone else who would
like to help collect money and help with making lassi!!

This includes the Thaabla (spelling??) and Harmonium that Zaki is bringing.
In addition, we have ordered AV equipment from the Feds to play music from
our computers. Everyone is free to bring their own music which we can play
over the speakers. We will also have musical performances but Shiffat and
Sarwat (I still would like to hear in advance what it is you plan to sing :P

We are going to have our very own BSA HENNA BOOTH for the day which will be
operated by Tareq Ismail. Anyone else who has any sort of henna/mendhi
experience, please please please volunteer some of your time for this event
and contact us ASAP! =]

This one is pretty self explanatory, we currently have Antora Anowar in
charge of this booth.
Anyone else who knows how to write in Bengali is welcome to assist her.

Clothing Booth
This booth is a lot more fun than it sounds! And we'll keep that as a
surprise for the day of! :P
Muhu and Shiffat are in charge of this booth.

Karem Booth
Well what would a Bangladeshi fair be without Karem! Zaki! Since you are
bringing this game, I am assuming you would like to keep an eye on it during
the event?

And finally, Arts/Culture BSA Information Booth
Tahbit and Manzar will be decorating this booth with pictures and posters
showing casing Bangladesh to the general public.

I know I have said this many times before, but it is worth repeating! We are
all part of the same club and the success of events like this depends on
each and every one of us! =D

So I would encourage anyone who has any free time between the hours of 11:30am
to 3:30pm on Thursday, November 16th to come out and give your club a hand!
Thanks to all the volunteers, we've easily become the most active and
successful BSA Waterloo has ever seen so lets keep it up!

Rhyan Ahmed
VP Social
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