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Mon Nov 13 19:01:47 EST 2006

Hi Guys,

The PSA at Waterloo is organizing a cricket tournament. I know a lot of you
are cricket fans, so I thought this would be of interest to you.

PSA is very proud to present you an event which all the guys have been
impatiently waiting for.  Thats right, the very first University of Waterloo
PSA Cricket Tournament is set to occur next week if all the plans go
accordingly.  The tournament is going to be held at the CIF gym. There will
be 6-8 teams, each team consisting of 8 players.  The registration is
on Monday Nov 13th at 10 PM, in room 2134 at the SLC.  The registration fees
is 5 dollars.  Its *mandatory* to attend the meeting whoever is interested
in playing.  In the meeting, the teams will be registered, the rules and
regulation will be set and the schedule will be given out. Monday is
absolutely the last and the only day to do this because the tournament is
set to start on Wednesday, so we need to come up with the schedule Monday
night so that it can be given in at the PAC first thing Tuesday morning.
Because of the length of the tournament ( 9 days, spanning 3 weeks, an hour
and a half per day), it is essential that the tournament be started on
Wednesday so that its done and over with by the end of November, just before
the final exams. If there are individual players who do not have a team and
are interested in playing, please reply back to this email *and* attend the
meeting on Monday, so that we can register them in a team, hope to see y'all

Thank you,
Sajjad Kamal
V.P Comm.
Bangladeshi Students Association
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