[BSA] Updates and Upcoming Mela

Rhyan Ahmed rhyans at gmail.com
Thu Nov 9 18:04:18 EST 2006

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, we've all been very busy with
midterms and assignments.

I know that is a poor excuse, but let's just pick up and move on..
For anyone who is wondering if there was a meeting this week, there was not;
however, in preparation for the BSA Mela, we are hosting a meeting at our
place (Waterloo Off Campus Housing, most of you know where it is). If you
need directions, just contact any one of us.

This will be held tomorrow and Saturday evenings (after 6:30ish) for just 2
or 3 hours to work on posters and finalize who is bringing what materials to
the Mela.
Further details for anyone who isn't sure:

The BSA Mela will be held in the Atrium in the SLC on Thursday, November
16th from 11:30am to 3:30pm
We will have the following booths:


Food - Manzar
Drinks - Manzar
Balloon-Dart Game - Tareq/Rhyan
Music booths
Arts and Culture Picture booth - Tahbit
Clothing booth - Muhu/Shiffat
Karem Board Game - Zaki
Ride-A-Rickshaw Poster Booth
Write-Your-Name-In-Bengali table - Antora

Even if you cannot attend Friday or Saturday to help prepare, please still
e-mail us with your availabilities for the day of the Mela, we need as many
volunteers as possible to make this a success. This will present the
Bangladeshi Culture to all of UW so lets make it GREAT!  =D

Rhyan Ahmed
VP Social
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