[BSA] End Of Term Exam Stress Relief DINNER

Rhyan Ahmed rhyans at gmail.com
Sun Dec 3 02:41:11 EST 2006

Hello everyone

I know it has been quite some time since our last event and everyone has
shifted priorities towards prepping for finals.
But there's still one last chance to relax and unwind with friends before
the big exams begin!!

As most of you know, Tuesday is the last day of classes and the execs have
decided (in light of popular demand) to organize a small end-of-term dinner.

With the remaining money we have left in our fund, we will partially
subsidize a dinner for the club at Kismet (as for the size of the discount,
not quite certain, our remaining funds are only so large! :P) This event
will be very informal as our last big "real" event was the Mela :P which by
the way was AWESOME.

Anyway, here are the details!

What: BSA End of Term Dinner (INFORMAL)
Where: Kismet Bangladeshi Restaurant (in the plaza)
When: Tuesday, December 5th - 6:30pm

For anyone who does not know where Kismet is, or would just prefer to meet
up before hand, we will be in the SLC around 6:00pm.

In other news, elections need to be held for winter term positions. I know
for certain that Tareq and myself will be leaving on co-op and I'm pretty
sure others will be doing so as well. This means there are spots to be
filled for a brand new term, new events and of course, returning members!

Good luck everyone and hope to see you on Tuesday!!

Rhyan Ahmed
VP Social
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