[BSA] Introducing the Frosh Mentoring Programme

Nayef Khan chinton at gmail.com
Sun Nov 27 00:27:12 EST 2005

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone is gearing towards the final exams. I'm glad to announce a
latest development within BSA this term. We, the senior members of BSA, have
decided to promote a Frosh Mentoring programme. As the name suggests, this
is geared towards helping the frosh develop some skills which might actually
be helpful to them during the work terms. To start off the programme, we are
introducing the first project here.

The project:
The current website of BSA (www.bsa.uwaterloo.ca) has been undergoing some
transformations during this term. We currently have a new and functional
website. However, there is still a large scope for improvement. And that is
exactly where the frosh may be able to contribute. We are looking for
individuals interested to work on the following areas of the website:

1. developing a photo gallery
2. adding new pages
3. redesign and updating existing pages
4. content manager

Since this is considered as a learning activity, we are unable to provide
monetary compensation. However, no previous experience of web designing is
required and we will always be available to guide you through the whole
process. The time committment for this project is approximately 5 -10 hours
per week. It is not expected that you will start before the end of this
term, but if you are interested, its always a good idea to put your hands up
as soon as possible before the position is taken!

So what do you gain from this?
The project will develop or sharpen your skills in web designing. Things
that you will learn includes JavaScript, Flash, HTML editing and other web
technologies. It also gives you a chance to put some genuine information on
your resume and might help you a little bit during your co-op interviews!

Future projects:
If you are an upper year student and you have an idea about potential
projects, we encourage you to chip in with your contributions.

Since the aim of BSA has been to promote and unite our members, we believe
that this programme will go towards materializing our goals. We hope that
this is only the beginning of this trend and there will be more such
opportunities in the near future.

If you want to be part of this exciting learning experience, feel free to
contact me at: chinton at gmail.com and I will bring you upto speed with the
latest news on this matter.

Wish you all the best for your upcoming exams!


Nayef M Khan
University of Waterloo
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