[Apologies if you received an empty message from us earlier this morning -- I think my train's low internet bandwidth messed it up.  Here's the original.]

Dear Friends, 

If you were with us in Jyväskylä for Bridges 2016, then thank you very much for your participation!

If you happen to be in Helsinki on Tuesday, August 16, we would like to invite you to the Hungarian Center for Science and Culture in Helsinki (http://www.helsinki.balassiintezet.hu/fi/) for our Bridges 2016 follow-up program: Antal Kelle's exhibit and a symposium on STEAM education. 

Please see the attached invitation and program for the Helsinki exhibition.

Kristóf Fenyvesi will be arriving in Helsinki on Monday. If you would like to reach him you can e-mail him at fenyvesi.kristof@gmail.com or text him at 00 358 40 805 3324. 

See you very soon and thank you,
Kristof and Osmo

Craig S. Kaplan
University of Waterloo
"If civilization is to survive, it must live on the interest,
not the capital, of nature." -- Ronald Wright