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Dear member of the Bridges community,

Below, please find a call for papers for a special issue of the journal PRIMUS on Mathematics and the Arts in the Undergraduate Classroom. If you have received word of this special issue from some of your other Math-and-the-Arts connections, please consider this a reminder that the deadline for submission draws near. If you have not heard of this special issue before now, please consider this to be what I hope is a just-in-time announcement for your consideration.

As well as the submission of interesting papers, we also need colleagues with experience and interest in Mathematics and the Arts, and in particular in how they may intersect in the undergraduate classroom, to serve as referees for the papers submitted.

Please read the call below (or attached) and consider submitting a paper or volunteering to serve as a referee!

Thank you for considering this opportunity and for all you do for the Mathematics and the Arts community.

Doug Norton
Villanova University
and one of the editors of the PRIMUS special issue

Call for Papers for PRIMUS Special Issue on
Mathematics and the Arts in the Undergraduate Classroom
The journal PRIMUS announces a Special Issue on Mathematics and the Arts in the Undergraduate Classroom.  Douglas Norton, Carolyn Yackel, and Nathaniel Friedman will be guest editing the special issue, inspired in part by the series of Contributed Paper Sessions sponsored by the Special Interest Group of the Mathematical Association of America on Mathematics and the Arts at the past several Joint Mathematics Meetings.

Whether addressing different learning styles, drawing on both sides of the brain, or simply making connections, exploring topics at the intersection between mathematics and the arts is on the increase in undergraduate classrooms.  This special issue of PRIMUS seeks to publish both theoretical and empirical papers that address the conceptual or practical implementation of such activities, in modules or entire courses, from introductory courses for the liberal arts major to specialized topics for the mathematics major. We consider the arts broadly, including but not limited to, the visual arts, sculpture, architecture, origami, textile and fiber arts, literature, drama, dance, music, multimedia art, and digital art. Topics may range from mathematically inspired art to the use and role of visualization in mathematics, from applying mathematics in analyzing art or the creative process to mathematics as art. We invite contributors to share their ideas and their experiences at the intersection of mathematics and the arts in the classroom.
Submission Deadline: May 30, 2014

Papers submitted to this Special Issue must address the theme of Mathematics and the Arts in the Undergraduate Classroom and meet the journalís standards of excellence.  All papers will go through the usual journal referee process and only those recommended by the referees and selected by the guest editors may be published in the Special Issue.  Papers for Special Issues are normally about 10 pages long, although there is some flexibility. Supplementary materials, such as appendices, color illustrations, and video clips may be included with the online version of the paper. All papers must be submitted through the online submission system.  The main journal website at has a link for authors and submissions on the lefthand side, and the direct link to the online submission system is:  During the upload process, please indicate that the paper is to be considered for the Special Issue on Mathematics and the Arts in the Undergraduate Classroom.

We also extend a call for referees for this Special Issue, especially those who have some experience with or significant interest in Mathematics and the Arts and their intersection in the undergraduate classroom.

For more information, please contact:
            Douglas Norton
            Carolyn Yackel
            Nathaniel Friedman
PRIMUS Editor-in-Chief: Jo Ellis-Monaghan,

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