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Wed Jan 11 22:47:41 EST 2012

Robert Fathauer was kind enough to provide us with an update on the outcome of the art exhibit at the 2012 Joint Mathematics Meetings.  Please see his message below.


The Exhibition of Mathematical Art at the Joint Mathematics Meetings was held January 4-7 in Boston. There were good crowds looking at the art throughout the meeting, and I received lots of positive comments. With 80 participating artists, it was the largest exhibit at the meeting to date. The url for the exhibit website is http://gallery.bridgesmathart.org/. 

During the meeting, winners of the Mathematical Art Exhibition Prize were announced. The winners are selected at the meeting by an independent panel of jurors (not the same ones who juried the submissions):
1st prize: Sylvie Donmoyer for "Still Life with Magic Square"
2nd prize: Tom Hull, Robert Lang, and Ray Schamp for "Pleated Multi-sliced Cone"
3rd prize: Carlo Séquin for  "Lawson's Minimum-Energy Klein Bottle" 

A video on the art exhibition produced at the meeting and shown there can be seen on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJkqVhTx0VE. 

In addition, a story on the art exhibition will be aired on the NPR (National Public Radio) program Studio 360 (http://www.studio360.org/) in a week or two. You can check their website for when/if the show is aired on your local NPR affiliate if you are in the US. The story and images will also be posted on their website. 

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