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Fri Apr 23 11:06:04 EDT 2010

We hope you will join us in Hungary for what is sure to be one of
the most exciting Bridges Conferences ever, in Pécs, a European
Capital of Culture in 2010.

For more information, please see this introductory video:

2010 Plenary Speakers

A range of international figures, including Wolf Prize winner László
Lovász and puzzle inventor Erno Rubik, will speak at the conference.
Dmitri Tymoczko of Princeton University's Music Department will
curate a concert of accessible music inspired by mathematical themes,
featuring composers such as Fernando Benadon, Clifton Callender,
Adrian Childs, and Noam Elkies.

For more information about plenary speakers, please see:

2010 One-Night Film Fest

In 2010, we will inaugurate the Bridges Short Movie Festival.  The
expectation is that the Festival will grow throughout the years.
During the Movie Night on Monday July 24, 2010, a series of short
movies will be presented.  We would like to encourage movie makers
to participate in this event and submit their movies on the theme of
mathematics and art.

For more information about the Film Fest, please see:

The International ScienTile Exhibition at the Zsolnay Cultural Center

Among Pécs’ claims to fame is the world-famous Zsolnay Porcelain
Manufactory, a center for historical and contemporary ceramics and
porcelain. To celebrate the arrival of Bridges in Pécs, we would
like to announce a tile design competition. Artists will submit
prototype tile designs for display in an exhibition at the Zsolnay
Cultural Center. A panel of judges will review the entries, and
selected entries will be manufactured as prototypes by the Zsolnay.
Winning entries, with the permissions from their designers, may
also be considered for full commercial production.

For more information about the ScienTile, please see:

We hope to see you there!

The Bridges Organization
bridges at bridgesmathart.org

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